AromaCare simplifies the diffusion of essential oils

AromaCare delivers a mixture of essential oils in a simple and calibrated way to improve your well-being and health. Simply insert the capsule of your choice and enjoy your personal 20-minute aromatherapy session.

Ready-to-use capsules

Our 6 synergies have been developed to accompany you throughout your days.

Our goal: to help you fight the “evils” of the daily life naturally

thanks to our synergies of organic essential oils.

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White capsule

The White Capsule allows you to use

your own blends of essential oils.

You are free to set your sessions as you wish.

Intensity – Duration – Programming

AromaCare Application

As soon as the capsule is inserted, simply launch your wellness session using your smartphone.

The application gives you real support on the use of essential oils. It guides you and accompanies you to improve your well-being and your health.

Application AromaCare Apple Store

20-minute sessions

We have studied the best way for you to benefit from the benefits of essential oils.

The duration of diffusion – The intensity of diffusion – The optimal mixture of essential oils.

You choose your capsule and we take care of the rest.

Medical collaborations

The essential oil blends present in our different AromaCare capsules are developed by specialists in the laboratory. Its synergies are then tested by health professionals to validate their efficacy in the medical field.

AromaCare was at the CES in Las Vegas in January 2017

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